March is off to a great start, and we’re excited about all the great things God is doing in Agape! Here’s an update on some of what’s happening at AGM:

Donna is Back Home!

Donna returned home to Ghana in February and we’re so glad she’s back! Her recovery from neck surgery was much harder and took much longer than expected – but delay is not denial! God has been so good to us, and we praise Him for answering our prayers for her healing. Thank you so much to everyone who prayed, gave, and encouraged us through this long journey. We are so grateful to all of you for standing with us in our time of personal need.

Please keep us in your prayers and continue to ask the Lord for complete restoration for Donna. She’s doing well, but she is still in recovery, and we are still seeking improvement in her health. If you’d like to continue to support Donna’s road to recovery, please donate to the Whitcomb Family Support effort.


New Children Have Come Home!

Meet Ruth

Ruth was abandoned on the street but by God’s grace, she’s got a new home with us! The social workers estimate she’s about 10 months old. We don’t know anything about her family or where she came from. But thankfully, we know where she belongs now.



Meet Miriam

Miriam was thrown off the back of a moving motorcycle by her father in an attempt to kill her. Fortunately, she survived and was rushed to the hospital by a concerned bystander. She’s been in the hospital since October but was discharged and given to Agape on March 2nd. She is about one year old and needs a lot of love and healing



Thank you so much for everyone who has given to our RESCUE Fund! Your gifts make it possible for us to say, “YES” to every child brought to us by the Department of Social Welfare. If you’d like to continue to support the Agape Children’s Home, please donate to the Rescue Fund today.

Agape Church Freetown Has a New Home!

The Agape Church in Freetown, Sierra Leone is booming! Moslems are coming to Christ and being baptized. Lives are being transformed as God is glorified and the Gospel is preached.

To make more room for our growing congregation, we’re moving to a new facility later this month. Our new building is right on the main road in the city and is within walking distance from the main University in Sierra Leone.

We are so excited about the future as we continue building the Agape Church Freetown. We face amazing opportunities in the nation of Sierra Leone! Though predominantly Moslem, the population is wide open to the Gospel. There is freedom to preach and win souls. Now is the time to move forward boldly and win the lost at any cost.

Thank you to everyone who has donated so generously to launch and establish Agape Church Freetown. We need your help today to finalize our move to a new and larger church home. Please donate to the Agape Church Sierra Leone Fund today!

March On!

We’ve got much more ahead in March! Classes at Agape Bible College and Seminary begin again this month. We’re holding a big evangelism event at Agape House in Accra. And we’re working hard on the building plans for our new Girls House and our new Chapel at ACH!

Please continue praying fervently for Agape Gospel Mission and for our family. And please continue to give generously as we evangelize the lost, empower the church, and embrace the poor. Together, let’s March On!

Yours for the Cause that Counts,

Rick and Donna Whitcomb

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