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Child Sponsorship

Freegate Your sponsorship of $35 per month could be the difference between life and death for a child like Freegate Zormelo.

The youngest of three siblings, Freegate lost his father when he was two years old, and his mother just a year later. It is said his father died from a curse. His mother died after falling ill.

The place Freegate called home had no electricity or running water. He did not go to school, but spent his days scavenging for food. Witchcraft, known as Black Magic or Juju, is commonplace in Freegate’s village, and he had never even heard the name of Jesus before coming to the Home. Freegate’s future seemed bleak, but God had a plan to redeem him. After just a few days at the Agape Children’s Home, Freegate’s fear turned into joy, and he has truly found freedom in Christ.

Medical Checkup You can play a vital role in rescuing African orphans.

Your sponsorship of $35 per month will go directly to the feeding, housing, schooling, and medical care of an orphaned child.

For more information or to sponsor a child, please check the appropriate box on our Contact Form.

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