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Agape Children's Home

In Ghana today, tens of thousands of children are without parents.

Juliet They have become orphans because their parents died from road accidents, HIV/AIDS, malaria, and a host of other diseases. These children are often left in the care of their poor relatives. Many of these relatives are too old and too poor to properly care for these orphans. They often do not have any regular income and they are barely surviving. Because of these problems, the orphans do not receive proper care. Unfortunately many fall victim to abuse, child prostitution and trafficking.

The Agape Children's Home is doing something to solve the problem.

Children Swinging We receive biological orphans into our homes and give them care, education, training, and the love of Jesus. They were sick and malnourished. Many had not heard the Gospel and had never attended Church. But now all their needs are being met. At Agape Children’s Home, all of the orphans are given their own bed, food, medical care, and quality education at a private school (click to learn more about the Agape Academy). The quality of care for our children is excellent. They are loved and cared for by Christian staff. Best of all, these children now have the opportunity to hear the Gospel and to receive the love of Jesus!

Will you do something right now to help Ghana's orphaned children?

You can become a partner of the Agape Children’s Home. Partners give as generously as possible to the work of the Home and supply financial support. You can also sponsor a child for $35 per month. By sponsoring a child you will help provide for all their needs, and you will have a chance to build a rewarding relationship with your child.

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