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The Agape Academy is transforming today’s orphans into tomorrow’s leaders! In partnership with you, we’re helping:

  • Provide a real-life solution to Africa’s orphan crisis;
  • Rescue vulnerable children from abuse and poverty;
  • Transform the future by training our children in spiritual and academic excellence.

The Agape Academy is the only chance these children-at-risk have of getting a sound education. We’re providing an international standard education that successfully prepares our students to make a meaningful impact in society. Our school is Christ-centered and biblically based, and we instill Christian values and morals, transforming the spirits and minds of our pupils.

Junior Kporha is one shining example of the impact Agape Academy is making. Junior was brought to our Home and Academy about 11 years ago, after both his parents died. His village is notorious for initiating children into idol worship cults such as the Yeve cult. Having been born into a clan which practices this religion, Junior was about two years short of being initiated when Agape Gospel Mission rescued him. He had never heard of Christ and had never been enrolled in school. Junior was hopeless and without a future.

Today, Junior is sixteen years old and in ninth grade at the Agape Academy.

He has found salvation in Christ, and boldly expresses his dreams for his talents. Junior’s pencil sketches and paintings are unique and exhibit his God-given gift.  It’s a joy watching him bring life to the things he has imagined in his mind.

Junior also plays the acoustic guitar.  He plays during his devotional times, at assemblies and programs at school, and even during worship at our church youth group.  Junior enjoys singing and dancing.  In school, Junior is both hard working and self-disciplined, and excels in his studies. He volunteers every week with Agape Kidz children’s ministry at church, assisting with the 2-6 year-olds class. He also volunteers in the nursery.  His gentle spirit and kind smile make it easy for the children to feel at ease with him.

The Agape Academy is changing the story of many disadvantaged children in Ghana, but there is so much more we want to do. Tens of thousands of disadvantaged children need our help! They are knocking on our door to let them in. Recently, the International Justice Ministry field office here in Ghana contacted us, requesting us to take in children they have rescued from slavery. But we cannot help them because we don’t have the space yet.

In September 2016, we began the construction of a 12-classroom school building for the Agape Academy. When completed, this building would enable us to enroll 200 new students into our school. It will also free up space in our residential building, and allow us to receive 40 new children into our residential care program. But right now, we can’t complete the building and fulfil this goal without additional financial support.

We need your help to finish our school!

We need $380,000.00 to complete construction and furnish the classrooms.  You can partner with us to transform these children’s’ lives by making a generous donation to this project. Here are some of the ways you can contribute:

1. Constructions Expenses                                         US $348,676.00
2. 200 Individual Student Desks/Chairs ($75 ea.)      US $  15,000.00
3. 12 Small Tables ($75 ea.)                                       US $       900.00
4. 100 Small Chairs ($12 ea.)                                     US $     1,200.00
5. 10 TV Sets ($400 ea.)                                             US $     4,000.00
6. 10 DVD Players ($50 ea.)                                       US $        500.00
7. 10 TV Speakers ($75 ea.)                                       US $        750.00
8. Cafeteria Tables & Chairs                                        US $      1,220.00
9. 12 Teacher’s Desk/Chairs ($125 ea.)                      US $      1,500.00
10. Bookshelves                                                          US $      2,000.00
11. 12 TV Wall Mounts ($20 ea.)                                 US $         240.00
12. 12 New Classroom Cubbies ($62.50 ea.)              US $         750.00
13. 12 Blackboard/Chalkboards ($115 ea.)                  US $      1,380.00
14. 12 Bulletin Boards ($157 ea.)                             US $      1,884.00
TOTAL:                                                                   US $380,000.00

Please give generously and sacrificially towards this school project. Your generous gift will help us ensure a better future for hundreds of orphans and children at risk.

May God richly bless you! And on behalf of all our children, thank you!

Please give generously today and make an eternal difference!

Yours for the Cause that Counts,

Rick Whitcomb
Agape Gospel Mission

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